Jeanie Schlump will be the next featured artist at the Nagle Warren Mansion. The show will be on display Dec 2nd through the 3oth. There will be an artist’s reception during  Art Design & Dine,  Dec 13th from 5-8pm.

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“I have maintained a self-supporting studio in Laramie since 1990.   I have always been enamored by the horizon, vast sky, and the dynamic evolution of cloud shapes. My two favorite sayings are: “The worst conditions for the artist are the best for the paintings.” and “Art is not random.”
My choice of medium is determined primarily by weather and time factors. Pastels are perfect for ease of transport and minimal clean-up times, so I work with them most often. I enjoy both studio as well as plein air painting. Nothing is more enjoyable than time spent on a creative endeavor and having others relate to the subjects I have created. I have been employed as an art instructor for 12 years in Laramie at LCCC, Albany County Campus, where I teach sculpture, drawing, life drawing, watercolor, and painting”.