Clay Paper Scissors is delighted to feature Mike Olsen, a ceramics artist from Casper, as our first show in the new space. Both Mark and I have liked Mike Olsen’s work since we first saw it in Casper–the simple pleasing forms, the glazes, the mix of functional and sculptural work. The artist said about the work for this show that “they are about daydreaming and how I like to float away in thought while watching migrating birds, windmills turning or clouds floating by. There is a peace and calm represented by the subtle, simple forms I enjoy creating during the slow motions of working on the treadle wheel.” The pieces are stoneware, and there are both handbuilt and thrown pieces. Mike went to college at Casper College before going on to earn a BFA at the University of North Dakota and an MFA at Wichita State University in Kansas, both in ceramics. He returned to Casper to start a studio and teach at Casper College, where he is the ceramics instructor.