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About me

Our goal is simple — to help people improve their homes with basic tools on limited budgets. This is about everyday living — about getting mattresses off the floor, closets organized, a coffee table that you can put your feet up on. And if it can look good, that’s a bonus!

For most of our projects, we use four basic power tools — a drill, mitersaw, brad nailer, sander. We are big fans of the Kreg Jig and also would recommend having a jigsaw and a circular saw. And a table saw if you a really spoiled. You can build alot of stuff with just these tools — we certainly have.

I try very hard to answer emails, but with a baby, two older children, projects, work, hockey — my goodness this hockey mom thing is busy! — it is very difficult. But I do try and you can reach me.

Thank you for using our site!