New South New West – Carlisle

Clay Paper Scissors Gallery & Studio will be exhibiting new work by Ashley Hope Carlisle of Laramie, WY. The show is called Home Away From Home. The show will continue for the month of September and will be open for the art tour on September 13th and by appointment. Clay Paper Scissors is located at 1506 Thomes Ave  307-631-6039

Artist Statement

In my work, I explore an imaginary world that contains a crossover between human and plant-like conformations.  These pieces often reference flowers whether native or exotic, trees, and root systems fictitiously enhanced to speak about connections we as humans share with each other and with the world around us.   The seeds from these plants have become a central theme in my work that serve as a launching point for metaphors about the human endeavor, protection, escape, and change. My selection of materials often range from fabricated steel, cast iron, cast and formed paper, bees wax, pigments, and works on paper.  The depth of my exploration of materials remains a focus and an integral part of my working process.

What makes us comfortable and uncomfortable and how do we deal with the inevitability of surviving as inhabitants on this planet? Uncomfortable circumstances are reality, so instead of dwelling on this veracity of life, I seek to bring hopeful awareness to happenings that normally evoke anxiety and fear.  Using materials as my vocabulary, I strive to glorify the illusion or false comfort of protection. I utilize formal concerns, the sensitivity of touch, and luscious materiality to produce works that take both roles as visual guidance when confronting the uncomfortable, as well as reassurance when dealing with the inevitable.  An optimistic role is taken with the visual conversation I build, so regardless of physical pain, ego stampedes, or moments of smallness, I line my ideas with silver to exhilarate and infuse the viewer with hope.Transitions are an important part of our world and to anticipate their existence is to accept how wonderful they can be.


Ashley Hope Carlisle is Associate Professor of Art in Sculpture at the University of Wyoming.  She has taught at UW for the past 9 years and has created art in the form of sculpture and drawing for the past 17 years. As an artist, Ashley has been the recipient of the ISC Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, has exhibited all over the south and east coast, New Mexico, Colorado, Italy, London, and was chosen as a Fellowship Artist Grant Recipient by the Wyoming Arts